What colour scheme does your office need?

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Colour is emotive and deeply personal – we all have our favourite shade of car, kitchen cabinets, phone and clothes, to name but a few.

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Office colour psychology impacts how your staff work and the impression you make. Our subconscious reactions to different colours can influence emotion, behaviour and wellbeing.

Here we examine the associations linked with different colours in the workplace.


White represents clarity, cleanliness and purity and is a safe but potentially boring choice. Glossy white suits kitchen break-out areas and open spaces best; however, be sparing, as the colour is a tad clinical.


Black gives off vibes of control and authority and has sinister and mysterious undertones. Used as a highlight, it introduces cool elegance to a space. It also absorbs natural light, so avoid deadening blanket coverage.

Office reception chairs create the first impression of a workspace, so you want something smart. You will find a colourful range of reception chairs that fit the bill.

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Elle Decor investigates the colours interior designers favour.


Purple symbolises royalty, ambition and luxury. It has magic and mysterious connotations; however, as it is not seen in nature, it can come across as artificial. Light purple conjures up thoughts of romance, while dark purple can bring morbid thoughts.


Green connects us with nature and represents growth and balance. If you can’t introduce plants to the office, a splash of calming green paint is the next best option.


Blue represents stability and depth. It encourages intellectual thought and boosts relaxation. Blue also represents heaven, reliability and trust.


Red is linked with passion and enhances mental energy flow. Being full-on and overpowering, it works best in furnishings as a highlight to spice things up. Medically, the colour increases respiration, enhances the metabolism, and raises blood pressure.


Yellow is a great colour for enhancing teamwork, since it boosts happiness and positivity. It encourages mental activity and muscle energy. Oddly enough, it reminds people of food.


Orange is the go-to choice if you crave mental stimulation. This youthful colour represents success, happiness and determination. This colour is eye-catching, so use it as a warm highlight for your interior decor.

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