420 Vacation Rental Considerations

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When you think of vacation rentals many options come to mind, but what if you want something more specific. Maybe you’re somebody who appreciates many various 420 friendly vacation rentals that have been cropping up across the U.S. in recent years. There are several new options to consider in this realm. The first on this list is Las Vegas. Having recently legalized marijuana is one of the top choices. With good rental prices throughout the town, you can to get good bang for your buck in this city. Unlike drinking, marijuana smoking on the strip is still prohibited, but you’re free to purchase in the spoke in the comfort of your residence but still, there are factors consider before taking the leap on just any place. You will likely want to go the route of an Airbnb in this city, particularly one with a large outdoor space. The reasoning for this is that, although marijuana is now legal in the state, the casino applied strict rules with regard to smoking either in your hotel room or in the vicinity of the casino which includes hefty fines of $250.00 and up for a violation. 

Another option for your 420 kicks is the all-welcoming Colorado. Colorado was one of the first states to legalize marijuana and so naturally is one of the most friendly towards designated spaces for doing so; they even have resorts and retreats tailored for marijuana lovers. With the beauty of the outdoors in the region, you will be met with beautiful scenery throughout as you smoke on your bevy of marijuana from the multitude of dispensaries around the town which over some of the most potent and diverse strands in the states. 

California is another classic option. With a historically lenient policy even before the legalization of marijuana, California is one of the most prominent destinations for marijuana paradise. The bay area, in particular, is potent with the scent of casual smokers passing by on the streets and in the various parks and markets. It is truly a haven for the learned marijuana smoker who wants not just to be in a space which welcomes him or her and her indulgences but can also meet like-minded people who share the same appreciation for this wonderful force of nature. If you do choose the bay area for your 420 destinations however you will need more cash, as the bay area is particularly expensive when it comes to living spaces especially in the areas where you will most likely want to be if you want to get the full experience, like the Haight Ashbury district of San Francisco. 

Finally, there is Alaska. This final frontier state is one of the most beautiful options for 420 friendliness and although it is remote, it is one of the most promising places to just sit back and roll a joint and enjoy the beautiful scenery, bring a small group of equally 420 friendly peers a quality set of long underwear and indulge to your hearts content in this cold, yet beautifully appointed 420 friendly city, which may not have all the dispensaries of its peers, but makes up for it in breathtaking scenery and what makes any trip worthwhile, good company.


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