Fun things to do in Jodhpur 2021

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Things to do in Jodhpur in 2021 | Sightseeing in Jodhpur | Make Every Spend Count, with InterMiles

Situated in the northwestern state of India, Jodhpur is a famous desert city. Featuring the terrains of the Thar desert, Jodhpur is one of the most-favourable travel destinations in India. This city houses majestic palaces, towering forts, alluring lakes and depicts a rich history from its attractions. People from India as well as all around the map, visit this desert city to experience the royalty and grandeur that it beholds.

Jodhpur features many beautiful temples and Havelis that tell unheard stories about the bygone days. Besides, this city also hosts many exciting activities that you can take part in for a fun adventure. You must be wondering, what could this desert city possibly offer? Well to know, read the following article below as we have listed the top fun things that you can do on your Jodhpur trip.


A must-thing that you can do in Jodhpur is camping. It is a dream for many travellers to spend a night out in the desert. And if you have the same dream, you can turn it into reality with camping at Jodhpur. By setting tents in the open air, you can enjoy the majestic views of the star-studded sky. Also, you can opt for luxurious tents to stay in for the night with your family and friends. Besides, you can also camp here with your beloved and spend some time in private.

Cycling Tour

Jodhpur with its rich heritage offers a myriad of activities that you can take part in while exploring the famous attractions. You can devise a unique way of visiting the famous places in Jodhpur and i.e. by cycling. You can sign up for a cycle tour from your preferred hotels and start the tour from 7 am to visit every nook and corner of this sun city. By participating in this cycle tour, you can discover many narrow lanes and streets that are still yet to be discovered. If that interests you, then make this a part of your plan and indulge in the cycle tour to experience the awesomeness of the city at your own pace.

Rappelling at the Soorsagar

Jodhpur not only houses many scenic locations but also engages people in its enthralling activities. Rappelling is one such activity that takes place in the Soorsagar of Jodhpur. With varying rocks of different heights, adventure enthusiasts can take part in this exciting sport to feel a rush in the adrenaline. If you also want to experience something offbeat, then rappelling at the Soorsagar is something you should definitely try.

Desert Safari

You cannot complete a Jodhpur vacation without participating in the desert safari! Sun City organizes this safari for its tourists throughout the year. You can either opt for a camel ride or take a car along the desert. Whichever you choose to do, this safari will help you spot several animals and birds including the blackbucks on your way. You can capture this sight with your camera and show the snaps to your friends on way back home.

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